Writer & Photographer


Thank you for visiting my website! It is being adapted to capture my transition into retirement: retaining my past professional writing and adding new writing efforts and my developing activities, such as photography.

I spent 30 years as a professor of social sciences. As a whole, my work addressed how context impacts individual and social development – particularly how contexts from parenting to political systems interfere with healthy, identity development. Specifically, I helped reconstruct the construct of parental psychological control and document its inhibiting effect on children’s sense of self and identity development in 15 cultures. Some of the grounding publications documenting this are in Child Development and the Monograph of the Society of Child Development.  See citations of my work on Google Scholar.

Mid-career, I transitioned to studying how political structures attempt to impede identity development by studying Palestinians under Israeli occupation in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and, most intensively, in the Gaza Strip. Our research findings can be found in The Lancet, Social Science & Medicine, Global Public Health, PLOS ONE, etc., and in my published volume Adolescents and War: How Youth Deal with Political Conflict.

My current writing is a non-academic, narrative nonfiction following the lives of three Gazan families over the past 30 years. The working title is No Way but Forward.

As for photography, I am captivated by all forms of natural beauty—from simple street photography to architecture, landscapes, seascapes, etc. During a 2018 expedition to the Arctic with National Geographic, I developed an interest in photographing wildlife, particularly birds.

The website will be developed further. Watch This Space!